Expo Milano: Italiener verlieren nicht zu viel Selbstvertrauen

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The lure of Expo Milano 2015 reads: “Feeding the Planet,” and “Energy for Life.” Two noble objectives that are the basic theme of the Expo, but, the news that is now public says the Expo is feeding th

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The lure of Expo Milano 2015 reads: “Feeding the Planet,” and “Energy for Life.” Two noble objectives that are the basic theme of the Expo, but, the news that is now public says the Expo is feeding the managers of its economies, not the planet.

The irony of this fate is that we are in the presence of two Expo Gates: the first one is created by architects and is located in the heart of Milan in the Castello Sforzesco. Gate Expo opened in May with a real party town atmosphere. It is rich in animation of parades, street food by a gourmet super chef, music bands, and the official anthem of Expo 2015 proposed by Andrea Bocelli, who sang “The Power of a Smile.”

Gate Expo is designed to introduce the public at the Universal Exposition to accompany him along the path of the event, and is the stage on which the city’s identity is shown – as a place to meet, exchange, and share, open to all citizens of Milan as well as visitors and, symbolically, a gateway to the world.

The second is the Expo Gate of scandal that has generated well over 500 million euro, a figure expected to increase. The news spread by Expo authorities indicates that the work to date is proceeding as scheduled, but nobody has been allowed to visit the sites. I remember that the World Expo Shanghai 2010 invited the international press, fully hosted, for the visit of his yards three years before the event.

And the opinion of the Italians?

Thousands of comments have been posted on the topic in general, but the press indicates that the Italians are maintaining their confidence in 59% of the cases, although that is a decrease from 66.6% in the month of April. Among the reasons for the optimism are confirmed international partnerships (56% of comments were favorable, the same as in April). There are optimistic growth expectations for events and tourism. The confidence also remains fairly steady for national pride, from 2% to 1.5%. Among the reasons cited for the decline is the adverse growing organizational problems (from 10% to 16%); even if they remain in first place, the fears of delays (increased from 33.2% to 26.7 %). It does not grow the perception of the risk of criminal infiltration (from 1.8% to 1.6 %). This all follows from an analysis of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan through Voices from the Blogs, a spin-off of the University of Milan made in the month of May 2014 on comments from the Internet.

The press reports: An encouragement to keep the faith?

Italina Premier Renzi visiting Milan said: “The work goes on. And the Expo will be a success.” This is the mantra of those who believe in the big event in Milan. And he added, “Expo is an amazing opportunity,” even though “I do not underestimate what happened, and I confess a sense of bewilderment and bitterness when it becomes aware of the theft and the names of dishonest people who thought to belong to the past.” But the state, he said, “is stronger than thieves. Those who steal must be stopped, not the works in which the theft is connected. ”

Meanwhile it is necessary for “a simplifying bureaucratic procedure with regard to” the involvement of a national anti-corruption body and to ensure the promise that “the work schedule will be respected.”

Some good news: The Salzburg scene in the streets of Milan

Good initiatives have taken place in the month of May: a street marketing operation was put in place in Milan by the region of Salzburg, Austria. Delightful “fraulein” (ladies) in traditional clothing and youngsters with typical Mozart fashion clothes distributed sweets.

The Czech Republic unveiled its pavilion

The Czech Republic presented its pavilion for Expo Milano 2015 at the Urban Center in Milan to explain its contribution based mainly on science: from nanotechnology to water purification to non-invasive drugs for obesity or to eradicate infectious diseases to animals and much more.

The designers of the pavillion are two young architects – a Czech and a Slovak, Kristof and Chybík (

Last but not least – Spain

The thirteenth edition of Spain in Milan kicked off with a particular focus on gastronomy in collaboration with Saborea España, a Spanish company to make known to the world the Iberian gastronomy, and Eataly, which organized in his store that recently opened in the former Teatro Smeraldo, a week dedicated to Cocina Española with the presence of three great Spanish chefs, shows on the stage of Eataly Emerald and a four hands dinner at the gourmet restaurant Alice. “Ten partners who have participated, including two canary islands and six regions, include Murcia and Logroño – excellent destinations for the Italian market for their culinary tradition. Logroño is the capital of the wine region of La Rioja,”says the director of Spanish tourism in Milan, as well as Deputy Consul Ignacio Angulo Ranz , who added, “We will arrange Spain in Bologna while our colleagues in Rome will deal with Spain to Florence.”

The event organized by Spanish Tourism is being done in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes and the patronage of the Municipality of Milan. The event includes initiatives such as the Food Painting organized by the city of Logroño, and a show of classic Flamenco from Andalusia. Over a week is dedicated to Eataly features lectures, tours, and a concert of Zarzuela at the Castello Sforzesco, a festival of Spanish cinema, and a roadshow to promote the world Basketball Championship in Spain in September 2014. Besides Aragon, Andalucia, Cantabria, Murcia, the Basque country, the region of Valencia to Madrid, the city of Logroño and Valencia, and the islands of Gran Canaria and Fuertventura, the event was also sponsored by low-cost Vueling based in Barcelona with many flights to Italy.

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